Online protection and
verification solutions

A single online ID that protects your identity
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Get Your Own TruID Free

Your verified TruID status can be used to securely log in without passing your private information to a third party.

  • Prove verification without disclosing your identity
  • You decide what you share
  • Protected by bank-level encryption
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More Than Just KYC

We built an entire ecosystem around empowering the customer in all instances of verification and identity protection. All under YOUR control in your private secured TruID portal.

A Complete Ecosystem

From anonymous registration to private storage and data management controls - our expansive solutions can be anywhere you need them online.

Dedicated Vault

Making sensitive document storage with the utmost level of security and convenient trusted access a reality. Learn More

Runs on Stellar WHO token

The native WHO token will power all aspects of the Truwho environment. Our token provides transparency and a historical ledger of verification. The Stellar network provides almost instant and free transactions.

More About WHO Token

Blockchain Focused

Choose what information you want to make public. Your verified status follows you wherever you go. Get verified once then carry your status everywhere. Your verification status is logged on the Stellar ledger, further verifying that verification took place.

2FA Security
Bank Level Encryption
Ledger Verification
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For Businesses

We make working with and accepting TruID for your business a breeze. From quick and easy incorporation to full integration team assisted API installs, we have you covered.

Easy Integration

Not a tech wizard? No problem, we provide simple integrations that don’t even require an account to more robust solutions where you may request whatever information you need from your clients.

Easy Onboarding

Drive adoption for your platform with our sign up bonus for all new users and our existing network of verified users.

Cost Effective

We provide our partners with one of the most cost effective solutions, partners receive the lowest prices for fraud and KYC due to our unique reusable identity platform. Learn More

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Provide your users with a unique code

Your website or app generates a unique code that the TruID user then adds to their ID.

Tru ID user enters your code into their ID
Identity Verified

You now have verified that this TruID belongs to the registered user.

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Read our white paper

Read Our White Paper