WHO Token

Truwho is happy to be an early adopter of Stellar/XLM
WHO Token Explainer

Why Stellar Lumens?

We are a team of die-hard crypto advocates, and an important aspect of crypto’s future rests on the ability of companies to push the tech to greater heights and offer more utility to the mainstream consumer. We believe Stellar Lumens is one such company and we are happy to support their tech by basing our platform on it.



The WHO token is central to the Truwho ecosystem. Holders can use the token to perform a number of actions of services all instantly and at a heavy discount.

  • There will be a total of 600 million WHO tokens created. Of the total, 450 million will be available for purchase or distribution during the ICO. *
  • You are initially able to acquire WHO by two methods.
    • Anyone who registers with Truwho will receive tokens depending upon their level of verification attained. *
    • Tokens will be available for purchase during the ICO *

* U.S. residents are currently restricted from purchasing WHO tokens or from withdrawing WHO tokens from the platform.

Fast Transactions

XLM offers nearly instant transaction times.


Users and partners will both utilize WHO tokens. While many tokens have a single use, WHO supports a wide array of utility.

Free Transactions

All transactions cost only a fraction of a penny. Additionally, ICO participants receive a prefunded XLM wallet that supports a lifetime of free transactions.

Incentives to Use

Using WHO tokens for a number of services offers a significant discount over paying by card.

ICO Dates

  • Presale Begins: September 15th
  • ICO Begins: October 19th
  • ICO Ends: January 21st
(10M+50% Bonus)
Available for Presale
Total available for sale & bonus

Purchase Bonus

Sliding scale bonus starting at 50% and sliding down 5% for each 5% sold

ICO Bonuses

25 WHO
Per Referral
25 WHO
First ICO Purchase
10 WHO
Join Telegram
25 WHO
First Partner Link
10 WHO
Silver Verified
15 WHO
Gold Verified
25 WHO
Platinum Verified

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