Our Company

It's time for a change

Truwho was launched in 2018 with the aim of bringing about a fundamental shift to the way KYC as a service is performed and offered, with a strong focus on the crypto space.

The Vision

We have assembled a team that believes in the mission of creating something completely new, each with the drive to deliver the best company without compromise.

  • No compromise approach to security and service
  • In house verification service representatives
  • With team members around the world Truwho is working 24/7

Meet the Team

Zachary Matar
Jeremy McAlpine
Patrick O'Hara
Chief Operating Officer
Alex Gurevich
Chief Design Officer
David Bergeron
Senior Developer
Jeremy Jeranko
Relationship Manager
Jason Weiss
Natassia McQueen
Risk Management
Bill Belitsky


Kellen chase
KC Consulting
James Albers
Robert Aronovici
.NET Consultant
We believe that KYC solutions for crypto should be born from those within the cryptosphere, and follow suit improving upon the systems set forth by the traditional banking systems.