The Vault

Convenient access to private information while maintaining the highest level of security for users
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Secure Your Data

Each user gets a personal Vault that allows storage of documents, files and sensitive information with the highest level of security.

End to End Protection

Your data is secured by our end-to-end encryption. No one else can access it, not even us.


Transcend borders, providing ultimate control of your data. Revoke or delete your data with ease.

1GB of Free Storage

By default we allow up to 1GB of storage. Premium increased storage and unlimited upgrades coming soon.

  • Future integration with 3rd party services like Google Drive & Dropbox

Integration with TruID

Have files in your Vault that you want to see in your TruID? We have made it simple with direct intergration.

Bank Level Security

All uploaded content is end to end encrypted and by default we require a separate password and 2FA to access the vault.

  • 256-bit encryption on all files
  • Third party penetration and security testing
  • Master password and 2FA for Vault access

Want to know more?

Vault is currently in beta and will be released soon

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