TruID is your single
identity source

Login - share - verify - or confirm all from a central secure location that you control

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Your TruID, Your Rules

A virtual ID capable of passing a verified status without exposing your sensitive personal information.

Decide What You Share

You choose what data is included in your TruID. Share what you want with who you want. Hide and delete anything via your portal.

Works Globally

Transcend borders, providing ultimate control of your data. Revoke or delete your data with ease.

Bank Level Encryption

Your data is secured by our bank level encryption. Your documents are safe with us.

Unique ID for Each Occasion

Have a public ID that anyone can access to show your verified status. Create multiple IDs with varying shared information.

  • Create a public facing ID showing data you choose
  • Generate multiple IDs specifically tailored with varying amounts of information for any occasion
  • Quickly show your status to others with 5 levels of verification
  • Add any information or document you wish to your TruID

Anonymous Protection

By default we only share your ID and verification status. Your verified status follows you wherever you go. Get verified once then carry your status everywhere. Other parties can’t read your information.

Verification Levels

Build the strength of your TruID with multiple verification levels. Receive bonus WHO tokens for each level of completion. Each level further proves your identity and builds additional trust.

Easy to Use Even for Business

Not a tech wizard? Don't worry, we make sharing and using your TruID intuitive and simple. Create a public ID and share it with a simple URL.

  • Create TruID links
  • Instantly integrate, no account needed
  • API access for more tight integration

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